Earn gold

Then earn coins

You need to assemble a team in order to participate in battles. The rarity of your characters determines your combat power, and your combat power determines the maps you can join. So if you have two rare 2 characters and a rare dragon, you can go to the Lv2 map with 200 CE. Workers will be able to maximize resource gathering


The rewards players receive for mining resources on the map will be based on the level of their fleet and which planet you are on. Oracles have been implemented to maintain the dollar value of rewards, which also prevents the reward pool from being depleted quickly.

Early Withdraw Fee

There is a 30% early withdrawal fee when claiming your rewards at $GOLD, this fee will be reduced by 2% once you go on your first exploration of the day, and so on until it reaches 0% and you can withdraw tax-free.

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