These are NFTs created by combining all your heroes and dragons. You can add NFTs to these teams, or completely dismantle them, restoring all heroes individually again. However, you will not be able to remove heroes/dragons added to them individually, so we advise you to keep your strategy in mind when creating teams Your team will have different attributes, including name, combat power, team ranking, team level, and team contract. If your warband is tired, it cannot be dismantled. Keep in mind that if a clan is disbanded, it will lose all collected experience. There is no maximum limit for teams per account, however, we do not recommend having more than 300 NFTs (Heroes, Dragons, Teams) in your account. Each team can participate in adventures individually without affecting other teams. In other words, if you have 5 teams, you will be able to explore the selected map 5 times (once for each team) The cost to build a team is $1 per NFT added, paid in GOLD

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