Team level

The team will start from level 0, and as you explore with your team, you will gain experience and level up. As your level progresses, your team's level will increase your rewards. You get 5 experience points in a linear way for each expedition you attend (win or lose) There are currently 5 Tiers of experience, which once you progress from one Tier to another you will get a greater benefit in rewards for achieving this milestone. For optimal progression, you must climb between maps, and the amount of experience gained on lower-level maps decreases as you advance to each experience level (levels 6, 11, 16, 21, and 25). For example, if your tribe is level 21, the experience you gain on map 1 per expedition will be 0.5. In the following table you can see the amount of experience required per level, and the amount of expeditions needed to achieve that experience, for example, for level 13 you will need 18 days starting from level 0.

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