The purpose of the price oracle is to balance the payout of $GOLD earned through mining with the cost of minting the current USD value of $GOLD. This means that if the dollar value per $GOLD increases, the following will happen:

  • $GOLD spend less

  • Mint Hero Costs Less $GOLD If the price of $GOLD USD decreases, the above situation is reversed. The oracle will dynamically adjust costs and rewards based on changes in the dollar value of $GOLD.

  • Reason

    The reason for using an oracle is to keep the game's economy balanced around a set dollar value. There is a limited amount of $GOLD tokens that can be circulated in the economy, and an influx of players could exhaust all $GOLD tokens present in the game contract. Through the use of oracles, Dragon War establishes a connection between active users and the dollar value of $GOLD. The assumption is that when the price of $GOLD rises, demand for $GOLD also increases with the release of new game features or an influx of new players. The oracle ensures that each transaction pays a consistent dollar value at the time of the transaction, while also ensuring that the minting cost of NFTs maintains a consistent dollar value This means that entry costs and rewards can be balanced and maintained over the long term, and will accurately reflect the required minting costs to give new players a chance to play even as the dollar value of $GOLD increases.

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